Bloom Haus

$113.64 incl. GST

Introducing our extraordinary Bloom Haus: a luxurious, thick, white metal stand that radiates elegance.

For your upcoming event or wedding, indulge in the availability of these sturdy white metal stands for a rental price of $125 each.

Elevate your stand to unparalleled heights by personalizing it with our exquisite real touch florals and captivating LED candles at the base, starting from just $400.00.

Immerse yourself in the perfection of not one, but two magnificent Metal Stands, ready to enhance your next event at 1.8mH x 0.5m2.

Designed to complement both indoor and outdoor affairs, these stands are versatile, serving as a breathtaking arbour, a captivating entrance feature, or a stunning backdrop behind a bridal table.

Do not hesitate—reach out to us today for further information about our enchanting Bloom Haus stands


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